Viral University

Started by an American Founder successful in the social media industry.

Our modern university is focused on applicable knowledge for students to get high paying remote USA based jobs.

by Creators, For Creators.

We have worked with top creators who have made tens of millions of dollars from their own fame. Getting you to be work ready is the bare minimum, the real goal is for you to capture large audiences that put you on an exponential path.

The old with the new

We still teach the fundamentals like any other college or university, we just removed all the old stuff which isn't applicable or useful at all in todays economy.

Learn with us on the frontier

We keep our students up to date with the latest Ai tools that can help create content 10x to 100x faster in some cases, often impressing employers who will have no idea how you work so quick!

BuilT To Prepare The Next Generation For the Current Age

In the first week of Viral University you will start creating content. We believe The best way to learn to create, is to create.

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